Business Philosophy

Opening the door to benefits...


At TotalBen, we have a unique approach to employee benefits administration. Our company focus is on delivering quality service to the end-user, the employees of the client contracting the service agreement. We recognize the challenges that outsourcing can present but believe that a strong relationship with each client can make this a positive development. Our systems are participant-based, not employer-based. The focus is on the very small to mid-size business. We do not implement solutions that other vendors are currently promoting if we don't believe it is something that the participants will find acceptable or useful. Our approach and culture is founded on remembering that the self-service model cannot bestow plan administrator knowledge on ordinary employees. The model should be one that is intuitive and that can anticipate and meet employees' needs without effort expended on their part. The marketplace often demands the latest and most creative technologies. At TotalBen we endeavor to be better. While there is often merit in new technology, our core business model is still excellence in service.

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