ESCO Quoting & Water Waste Prevention

Opening the door to benefits...

TotalBen currently offers all forms of insurance and employee benefits, including the brokering of both ESCO services and Water Waste Prevention.

To receive a quote for your commercial energy usage (gas and/or electric) or commercial water consumption, please review the following and submit it to . Commercial entities of any size can be written.


Gas usage is measured in therms.

Clients with an average monthly usage greater than 500 therms are good candidates for an ESCO.

Electricity usage is measured in Khz.

Clients with an average monthly usage greater than 5000 Khz are good candidates for an ESCO.

Water usage is measured several ways. The most common measurements are CCF and the gallon. One CCF is equal to 748 gallons.

Clients with an average monthly usage greater than 50,000 gallons are good candidates for an expert to review.

Table Design

State Electricity Gas
Alabama No No
Alaska No No
Arizona No (Suspended) No
Arkansas No (Suspended) No
California No(Suspended) Yes (Limited)
Connecticut Yes No
Colorado No Yes (Pilot)
Delaware Yes No
Florida No Yes (Pilot)
Georgia No Yes (Pilot)
Hawaii No No
Idaho No No
Illinois Yes Yes (Pilot)
Indiana No Yes (Pilot)
Iowa No No
Kansas No No
Kentucky No Yes (Pilot)
Louisiana No No
Maine Yes No
Maryland Yes Yes (Pilot)
Massachusetts Yes No
Michigan Yes Yes (Pilot)
Minnesota No No
Mississippi No No
Missouri No No
Montana Yes Yes (Pilot)
Nebraska No Yes (Pilot)
Nevada No (Suspended) No
New Hampshire Yes No
New Jersey Yes Yes
New Mexico No (Suspended) Yes (Limited)
New York Yes Yes
North Carolina No No
North Dakota No No
Ohio Yes Yes (Pilot)
Oklahoma No No
Oregon Yes No
Pennsylvania Yes Yes
Rhode Island Yes No
South Carolina No No
South Dakota No Yes (Pilot)
Tennessee No No
Texas Yes No
Utah No No
Vermont No No
Virginia No (Suspended) Yes (Pilot)
Washington No Yes (Partial)
Washington DC Yes Yes
West Virginia No Yes (Limited)
Wisconsin No No
Wyoming No (Suspended) Yes (Pilot)